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We are focused on providing accessible, easy to implement environmental social governance policies. These low-cost, low-commitment initiatives help you avoid high cost consultants, long timelines, and information overload. Our goal is to enable you to test out various areas of ESG, determining where you can derive the most value. No long term commitments, and a simple, all-inclusive cost.

An Explanation on

Environmental Social Governance

ESG represents three key factors in determining the sustainable and ethical impact of a company. These practices are used as indicators to drive investment and attract the notice of consumers. Commonly used in the capital markets frameworks, it’s a tool by which investors determine the behaviour of companies, as well as their future financial performance.

Risk Management

Corporations that have implemented and practice ESG are able to identify risk earlier. Correlational evidence suggest a reduction in fraud by 14%.

Talent Management

ESG policies enable corporations to leverage high value talent to bring the best ideas to the table. Studies show revenue from innovation can increase up to 34%.

Product Differentiation

Consumer purchasing trends are shifting, and price is not the determining factoring purchasing decisions. Consumers rank ESG outcomes in their top 5 purchasing influencers.

Apical Makes Environmental Social Governance Accessible

Authentically implementing ESG policies is an overwhelming task. Apical provides stackable ESG policies created with experts specifically for the cannabis industry.